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Is Lupus Nephritis Bound to Progress to Uremia

2017-07-23 03:30

Not a few patients have such a doubt: Is Lupus Nephritis bound to progress to uremia? Now let’s take Mrs.Wu for an example.

Is Lupus Nephritis Bound to Progress to Uremia

Making a clear diagnosis in hospital

Mrs.Wu is 49 years old. In a day of July 2015, she found eyelid swelling. Afterwards she went to local hospital for a comprehensive check-up. Result showed that she had SLE and Lupus Nephritis.

After about 7 days’ treatment in hospital, she got discharged. From then on, she did not go for any check-ups.

Without timely treatment

Not until May in this year, she had sudden leg swelling. Test showed that her 24h urine protein was 1.2 g, and her serum creatinine level reached 853.5 umol/L. Local doctor suggested her start dialysis as early as possible.

However, she refused and went back home without any medicine. Without treatment, her leg swelling became more and more worse. And many other obvious symptoms began to present such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, palpitation and other uremia related symptoms.

At last, her husband took her to our hospital in early July. When we saw her, her creatinine level was almost 1000, and 24h urine protein was over 3g.

Is Lupus Nephritis Bound to Progress to Uremia

Cooperating treatment aggressively

The whole treatment process here was very fluent. After a period of treatment, her health got great improvement. And all indexes decreased obviously. For example, her 24h urine protein reduced to 0.97g, and serum creatinine level reduced to 622 umol/L. Besides, her occult blood and proteinuria became well.

Is Lupus Nephritis Bound to Progress to Uremia

Is Lupus Nephritis Bound to Progress to Uremia

What if she received treatment timely

If Lupus Nephritis can be diagnosed early and be treated timely, its treatment effect will be very good, cost will be less, and prognosis will be better. Actually, no matter which kind of kidney disease you have, you should not delay your disease.

Is Lupus Nephritis bound to progress to uremia? No, thereby if you want to prevent uremia, you should take treatment as early as possible. For more information on our hospital and our treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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