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How Does Chinese Medicine Reduce Blood Urine

2017-05-03 07:58

One day when you urinate in the morning, you may suddenly find that your urine color becomes as dark as sauce. In such a case, you may feel horrible. Mrs.Yu is such a case. When she found that she urinated blood for the first time, she thought she was going to kidney failure. But after a period of Chinese medicine treatment, her blood urine gets greatly improved. Now go on reading to learn more information.

Actually blood urine is not that bad as you imagine, but it indicates that your kidney function is declining. Besides, high blood pressure, anemia, kidney function impairment and increased urine protein can affect your state of illness. Therefore, once gross hematuria presents, treatment should be started as early as possible.

One year ago, Mrs.Yu began to swelling and blood urine. Local doctor prescribed antibiotics to help control the symptoms. As we all know, almost all antibiotics have renal toxicity. Her disease was not improved at all with antibiotics. On the contrary, it got worse. Therefore, she went to a big hospital for treatment, where renal biopsy was recommended. But she did not want to do it. After searching on Internet, she found that renal biopsy is unnecessary in our hospital and Chinese medicine which does not have so many side effects is used. Therefore, she came here for a try.

When she was just admitted in our hospital, her blood urine was very severe.

How Does Chinese Medicine Reduce Blood Urine

Blood test showed her red blood cells in urine were as high as 3151.3/uL.

How Does Chinese Medicine Reduce Blood Urine

In such a case, simply oral medicine could not help her control the disease, because most of oral medicine would be resolved. To make the medicine take effect fully to repair the damaged glomerular basement membrane and eliminate the accumulated toxins in body, Foot Bath and Hot Compress Therapy were used together.

During the course of expelling of toxins, Mrs.Yu’s urine changed obviously. At the first few times, there were a lot of wastes in urine.

How Does Chinese Medicine Reduce Blood Urine

With the treatment going on, her urine became clear, no more foreign body and blood color.

How Does Chinese Medicine Reduce Blood Urine

How Does Chinese Medicine Reduce Blood Urine

When she did blood test again, red blood cells in urine became less. It became 910.7 /uL. And both proteinuria and occult blood decreased.

How Does Chinese Medicine Reduce Blood Urine

After a period of treatment, her disease will be controlled very well, avoiding the complications that blood urine brings to you.

Blood urine is a symptom that seems to be severe. If you also suffer from blood urine and kidney disease, please do not worry. We will try our best to help you.

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