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Many kidney patients complain the side effects of dialysis and steroids. Here, you can learn some alternative kidney disease treatments with less side effects.

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Medicated Bath for Kidney Disease

Medicated Bath for Kidney Disease

Medicated Bath Therapy is an important external therapy of Chinese medicine, which has a history of several thousands’ years for treating kidney disease. Medicated Bath Therapy is just like taking Chinese medicine orally, in which the medicines are used should be prescribed by professional doctor. And the medicines are prescribed according to many factors, like patient’s condition, habitus, location, etc.

How does Medicated Bath work?

Our skin is the most biggest organ in our body, which has functions like secretion, absorption, osmosis, feeling, etc. And the mechanism of medicated bath is based on the features of skin, and under the effect of warm water, the functions of skin can be promoted obviously.

Chinese medicine ingredients can be absorbed by patients’ skin who use Medicated Bath Therapy, and then they will permeate into patient’s blood circulation, which will be transported into the organs in patient’s body, and reach the effect of treating disease.

Effects of Medicated Bath Therapy:

Medicated Bath Therapy can provide many benefits in treating disease, which are very beneficial for treating many kinds 0f diseases, including kidney disease.

1.Dredging the channel:

Medicated Bath Therapy can break through the blood vessels in which the blood and qi circulate, viscera, tissue system, etc, which can help patients to have well internal circumstance, and promote patient’s metabolism.

2.Examining blood health condition:

In the process of breaking through the blood vessels, patient’s health condition can be reflected out, and it can reflect some real health conditions which can not be tested out by physical examination, like sub-health, some chronic disease, etc.

3.Removing out toxins:

Medicated Bath Therapy can remove out the toxins from patient’s body by sweating, which can reach the effect of dispelling wind-cold, getting rid of the hot and humid, removing the toxins and reducing the burden on kidneys.

4.Promoting blood circulation:

This is an obvious benefit of Medicated Bath Therapy, which is achieved by the effect of warm water. When the blood circulation is promoted, it is very beneficial for the health of organs in our body as well as kidneys.

5.Improving immunity:

This therapy can also activate the body cells, and improve our body’s immunity by improving the amount of white cells in our body.


This therapy can promote the vitality and elasticity of skin, which has the effect of anti-aging.


Not all kidney patients can accept Medicated Bath, because if this therapy is wrongly used, it can also take bad effects to their health. Usually, kidney disease patients who have these features should avoid using Medicated Bath.

·People who have moderate or more severer hypertension, or people who have Cardiac dysfunction.

·People who have severe asthma should avoid using this therapy, or take advantage of this therapy under the guidance of professional doctor.

·People who have relatively big wound in their skin should use this therapy with caution.

·Pregnant woman and woman who is in her menstrual period should avoid this therapy.

·People who have severe allergic history should avoid using this therapy, or use it under the guidance of doctor.

·People should avoid using this therapy in half an hour before or after his meal.

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