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Gout and Chronic Kidney Failure

2017-05-05 06:54

Gout and Chronic Kidney FailureGout is very common, but people seldom know that gout and chronic kidney failure is closely related. In this article, let’s have a quick look at how gout cause chronic kidney failure.

How does gout cause chronic kidney failure?

Gout has a male dominance and mainly afflicts people in midlife, and female was only 5% and most of them are after menopause. But nowadays more and more young people catch such a disease. The frequent relapse of gout is due to the accumulation of urate. If they build up in the kidneys, kidney stone may occur, which may block kidney tubules, leading to kidney damage. Over time, glomerular filtration rate will decrease, leading to kidney function deficiency or even kidney failure.

Why more and more people catch gout and high uric acid level?

When the living standard is not high, few people get such a disease. Nowadays rapid pace of life, high pressure, sedentariness, unhealthy diet and so on can make the produced metabolic products not discharged from body timely. Besides uric acid metabolic disorders, people also suffer from high blood sugar level, high blood cholesterol level, etc.

How to treat high uric acid level and reduce its damage to kidneys?

Not every people with high uric acid level develop gout, and not every people with gout progress to kidney damage. Though it is a chronic disease and its treatment needs long-term, it does not mean it can not be prevented.

-If you are just high in uric acid, you should change your living habit. For example, to avoid too much meat intake, to give up smoking and drinking alcohol, to follow a healthy diet, to take part in exercises regularly, etc.

-If your high blood uric acid has caused gout, you should not only change your diet and living habits, but also need to take medications to lower uric acid level so as to reduce the risk of gout and the damage to kidneys.

How does gout cause chronic kidney failure? Now you have a clear mind. For more information on kidney failure treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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