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Diet for Patient with Hypertensive Nephropathy

2016-06-21 11:44

How much do you known about what should be paid attention to in the diet for  patients with hypertensive nephropathy?

In the diet,patients with hypertensive renal disease should pay attention to 3 low and 2 high:low in animal fat, low sugar, low sodium (salt); high-protein, high fiber (vegetables).

· Breakfast should be light.Such as a bottle of milk or soybean milk,an egg or a piece of bread.

· Supper should be less.usually,we do not need to be too full.

· Among the there meals,do not only eat cooked rice, you should drink some soup or porridge and do not eat or drink too much.

· Do not work for too long time before the desk,which will make patients with hypertensive renal disease nervous and lead to high blood pressure.

· We must control our weight and control stress.Eat vegetables that in rich in fibrin and form the habit of regular defecation.

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