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What Causes Hypertensive Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-10-21 01:20

What Causes Hypertensive Chronic Kidney DiseaseHypertensive Nephropathy (or “Hypertensive Nephrosclerosis”, or “Hypertensive Renal Disease”) is a medical condition referring to kidney damage due to chronic high blood pressure.

What causes Hypertensive Chronic Kidney Disease?

As the name implies, this kind of kidney disease is caused by high blood pressure. There are many causes for hypertension that can be primary or secondary.

On one hand, those who have uncontrolled blood pressure for 5-10 years have a high risk of kidney damage. High blood pressure lead to a narrowed blood vessels, thus large quantity of wastes and toxins accumulating in the arteries of kidneys. Those harmful substances will make the kidneys lack oxygen and blood. As time goes by, the kidneys will get fibrosis and finally fail to function normally. In addition, primary hypertension can also damage the renal tubules, resulting in a poor reabsorption of water and protein. As a result, large amounts of protein leak out, damaging the glomeruli.

On the other hand, kidney disease can also lead to high blood pressure. The above are the effects of primary hypertension on the kidneys. Well, there is another condition called “ renovascular hypertension”, which is a form of secondary hypertension. It is always related to water-sodium retention because of chronic kidney damage.

To sum up, high blood pressure can either be the cause or the consequence of Chronic Kidney Disease. Therefore, treatment for Hypertensive Nephropathy should be firstly concentrating in lowering high blood pressure.

How to lower high blood pressure naturally?

In general, doctor will prescribe you some common hypertensive drugs such as ACEIs and ARBs. Yet, if you depend on them for a long term, you will see the adverse effects. These drugs, while helpful, will also produce wastes that will burden the kidneys.

Here, I recommend you to take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is a natural treatment for expanding blood vessels, reducing inflammation, and degrading extracelluar matrix. This innovative way for Hypertensive Nephropathy is proved to be safe and effective.

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