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Hypertension is one of the most common diseases. Without good control, it can cause a lot of complications, such as heart failure and kidney failure. There are 5 signs that indicate hypertension has worsened.

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Five Signs that Indicate High Blood Pressure Has Worsened

2018-12-02 03:55

Five Signs that Indicate High Blood Pressure Has WorsenedHypertension is one of the most common diseases. There are many reasons leading to high blood pressure, such as heredity, environment, unreasonable diet, obesity and other diseases.

The harm of high blood pressure lies not only in the impact on blood vessels, but also in the damage to all important organs of the whole body, especially the heart and kidney. The kidney damage is often irreparable, causing renal failure, seriously affecting the life and health of patients.

To control the stability of blood pressure and reduce the risk of various complications, we should not only prevent it but also treat it. Only by combining prevention and treatment can blood pressure be more stable.

Prevention is more important than treatment. These signals indicate the deterioration of hypertension.

Headache with dizziness and nausea

Over high blood pressure leads to increased pressure on the blood vessel wall. In the long run, the blood vessels will become more fragile and less elastic. In addition, the blood flow is not smooth, which will lead to ischemia and hypoxia in the head. As a result of pose reason, cerebrum can feel unwell above all, producing headache, dizziness, nausea, etc. At this time hypertension patients should undertake the relevant examination such as blood pressure and cardiovascular disease immediately.

Chest tightness and shortness of breath

Hypertension leads to insufficient blood supply to the heart so as to cause chest tightness and shortness of breath. In serious case, patients will have heart dysfunction, hypertrophy, cardiac enlargement and so on, so do not ignore this symptom.

The limbs are often numb and weak

Limbs are extremity end. When blood pressure is too high and blood circulation is not smooth, the limbs will have slow blood return, and then limbs will be numb. In serious case, it can cause nerve damage, resulting in arteriosclerosis. In such cases, medical treatment should be taken immediately.

Midnight insomnia, nightmares

Insomnia, dreaming and restlessness are also complications of long-term hypertension. If this happens for a long time, it means that night blood pressure is high and unstable. In order to avoid aggravation, medication should be adjusted in time.

There are a lot of small bubbles in the urine

Long-term high blood pressure can damage kidney function. After damage to kidney tissue and cells, it will leak out of protein into urine, forming proteinuria, and then small bubbles appear on the surface of urine, so we should be vigilant against proteinuria and kidney disease.

Now you know the five signs that indicate high blood pressure has worsened. Hope you take care in the daily. For more information on high blood pressure, please leave a message below or send emails to kidney-symptoms@hotmail.com.

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Proteinuria is a common symptom of kidney disease

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