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There some professional knowledge from our nephrologists about causes of Hypertensive Nephropathy for your reference.

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High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease: How to Break This Vicious Circle

High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease: How to Break This Vicious Circle

Have you noticed that most patients with high blood pressure have kidney damage more or less? Do you know why? High blood pressure can cause kidney damage, and kidney damage can also cause high blood pressure. How to break this vicious circ...Read More

What Causes Hypertensive Chronic Kidney Disease

What Causes Hypertensive Chronic Kidney Disease

Hypertensive Nephropathy (or Hypertensive Nephrosclerosis, or Hypertensive Renal Disease) is a medical condition referring to kidney damage due to chronic high blood pressure. What causes Hypertensive Chronic Kidney Disease? As the name imp...Read More

What Causes Hypertensive Nephropathy

What Causes Hypertensive Nephropathy

Hypertensive Nephropathy is a kind of dysfunction of kidney related to hypertension. This article is about the causes of Hypertensive Nephropathy, that is, how high blood pressure impairs kidney. As is know to all kidney works as a filter i...Read More

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