Kidney Disease Symptoms

Here are some typical kidney disease symptoms. With the information, you can know them and learn to control them effectively with doctor's guidance.

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High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease

High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease

High blood pressure is a common sign in people with kidney disease. Knowing more about the relationship between hypertension and kidney disease can benefit patients a lot.

What is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure refers to the force of blood that against the walls of artery. When there is elevated blood pressure, it will cause damage to the blood vessels and kidneys. In serious case, kidney failure will occur. And alternative treatments like dialysis or kidney transplant may be needed.

Causes of high blood pressure in people with kidney disease

Honestly speaking, high blood pressure and kidney disease can affect other other. And the causes of HBP are summarized as follows:

1.In right condition, kidneys are responsible for the adjustment of blood pressure by secreting certain hormones named renin and angiotensin. However, when kidneys are injured, they will not be able to work normally. In this way, high blood pressure occurs.

2.When extra fluid and sodium can not be excreted out of the body, these substances will accumulate in the body. And this abnormal sign is also related to the onset of hypertension.

How to treat high blood pressure effectively?

● Restrict the intake of salt To bring high blood pressure under control, patients should stay away from salted foods, pickled foods and so on. According to the statistics, a reduction in sodium may decrease blood pressure by 2 to 8 mm Hg.

●Take moderate physical activities regularly For example, walking, jogging, Tai Chi, etc. And the time can last for 20-30 minutes.

● Anti-hypertensive drugs to manage blood pressure Mostly, drugs like ACE Inhibitors and ARBs are used to attain this target. Remember the normal level should be controlled within or below 130/80mm Hg.

● Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy It is an innovation of TCM, but applied externally. Active substances of the herbs can treat high blood pressure by dilating blood vessels and promoting blood circulation. What’s more, it can also help restore the injured renal cells and improve kidney function radically. By doing so, dialysis or kidney transplant can be avoided. For detailed information, you are welcomed to leave us to or the below form. And we will try our best to help!

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