Kidney Disease Symptoms

Here are some typical kidney disease symptoms. With the information, you can know them and learn to control them effectively with doctor's guidance.

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Headache and Kidney Disease

Headache and Kidney Disease

Headache is a common sign in ordinary people, however, it is not a wise idea to let it go. As it may be related to decline of kidney function. If your headache has a link with kidney disease, the following information must be helpful for you.

What causes headache in kidney disease patients?

High levels of toxins In advanced stage of kidney disease, more and more toxins will accumulate in the body, when other organs like brain is involved, headache may occur. Besides, other discomforts like high creatinine level can also appear.

Anemia Kidneys are responsible for the production of EPO. However, when the “blood-cleaners” are diseased, there will be shortage of red blood cells, causing renal anemia. This can also lead to headache.

High blood pressure In addition to the aforesaid function, kidneys can also help regulate blood pressure. When kidneys can’t work well, hypertension may come into being. And consistent high blood pressure may be a trigger of headache.

Besides, sleep problems, usage of drugs and dialysis can also cause this discomfort.

How to deal with headache in kidney disease?

Before taking treatments for headache, it is essential to find out the root cause. In this way, a better efficacy can be attained.

-Drugs If it is related to medicines, do not hesitate to talk with your doctor and stop using it as early as possible. In the meanwhile, stay away from nephrotoxic drugs.

-Bring symptoms under control and improve kidney function In Traditional Chinese Medicine, some herbal medicines and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help relieve symptoms like hypertension, anemia as well as improve kidney function. When renal function is enhanced, your headache can be managed well.

-Pay attention to diet Kidney disease patients are not suggested to eat freely, and experts point out that sufferers had better stay away from chocolate, alcoholic drinks, red wine, etc.

-A healthy lifestyle In daily life, some exercises like walking and jogging can help reduce stress. At the same time, they should avoid staying up. If you are also suffering from other symptoms, we would like to provide better advices. Contact us or click the Live Doctor directly!

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