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The Overview of Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1-2

With the development of people’s living standards, various chronic diseases are becoming more and more common. Many people are confused of the Chronic Kidney Disease stage 1-2. Now, if you are interested, please follow me to look through the following article.

  • The definition of chronic kidney disease.
  • A survey of chronic kidney disease
  • Is chronic kidney disease stage 1-2 serious?
  • The symptoms of CKD stage 1-2
  • The corresponding treatment of CKD stage 1-2
  • The definition of chronic kidney disease.

    Chronic kidney disease (CKD), also called renal insufficiency or chronic kidney failure. It refers to the kidney function declines gradually during the period of months or years.

    A survey of chronic kidney disease

    An authoritative survey has been released, the prevalence of chronic kidney disease in adults is 10.8%. Due to lack of renal disease knowledge, about 20~30% patients are told that their damage of renal function has reached an irreversible stage. Now, many international authoritative scholars hold that chronic kidney disease has become one of global healthy problems in present society.

    Is chronic kidney disease stage 1-2 serious?

    Chronic kidney disease 1-2 stage belongs to the beginning of renal disease. Patients may don’t have some discomforts in this stage. But if the condition can not be controlled timely, chronic kidney disease will worsen due to the delay of time.

    The symptoms of CKD stage 1-2

    In CKD stage 1-2, most of patients may suffer from some symptoms such as bubble urine, blood urine, high blood pressure, palpebral edema, edema of lower limbs and back pain and so on.

    The corresponding treatment of CKD stage 1-2

    In stage 1, patients need to improve the life style and do a compressive examination as soon as possible.

    For CKD stage 2, patients can adopt dietary therapy to prevent disease developing in the malignant direction. Also, they need to adopt medicine treatment if necessary.

    In fact, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is successfully used in treating chronic disease. By extending blood vessels, removing toxins and waste products, eliminating stasis, repairing kidney lesion and enhancing immunity, this external therapy can achieve the aim of improving renal function.

    In short, finding the renal disease and adopting a proper treatment are important things to prevent the worsening condition and get rid of chronic kidney disease early.

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