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Many kidney patients complain the side effects of dialysis and steroids. Here, you can learn some alternative kidney disease treatments with less side effects.

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Blood Pollution Therapy

What Is Blood Pollution Therapy?

Compared with conventional kidney disease treatments, Blood Pollution Therapy focuses on treating polluted blood rather than diseased kidneys. As long as blood circulation recovers to normal, patients with chronic kidney disease, IgA Nephropathy, FSGS, Nephrotic Syndrome, Diabetic Nephropathy or Hypertensive Nephropathy can get great improvements.

What Is Blood Pollution Therapy?

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The Link Between Kidney Disease and Blood Circulation

As introduced by nephrologists, kidneys have a close link with blood circulation. Normally, 90~125 ml of blood flows into kidney filters every minute. On one hand, kidneys can eliminate extra fluid, metabolic wastes and toxins from the blood via urine. On the other hand, blood can supplement enough blood and oxygen for kidney inherent cells to maintain their normal function.

However, when too many wastes and toxins build up in the blood, we call the blood is polluted. Then, these harmful substances flow into kidneys through blood circulation that can cause kidney inflammatory reaction, resulting in damage to kidney inherent cells and system.

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How Does Blood Pollution Therapy Treat Kidney Disease?

Based on the above cause, Blood Pollution Therapy is created as a big breakthrough of kidney disease treatment. To manage various kidney disease from the root, this therapy consists of three steps:

Step 1: Remove stasis with various blood purification methods and medicines

The biggest superiority of this step is to adopt different blood purification methods and medicines, according to the degree of blood pollution and patients’ illness condition. In this step, waste products and toxins both in blood vessels and adhering to vascular walls can be removed out completely.

This can provide a clean and stable internal environment for the following treatments.

Step 2: Add essential ingredients to blood

Once blood is polluted, not only extra toxins build up in blood but also some essential ingredients are lost. According to the degree of damage to various blood cells, clotting mechanism and haematogenous mechanism, all kinds of missing ingredients will be added into blood. With enough nutritions and clean internal environment, physiological mechanism of blood circulation will recover to normal gradually.

Once blood circulation can work properly, it will provide enough blood and oxygen for kidney inherent cells and prevent further kidney damage.

Step 3: Rebuild kidney function

Based on maintaining a good blood circulation and normal physiological mechanism for long term, damaged kidney cells can be restored with their self-curative ability. As long as kidney cells work correctly, patients’ kidney function will be improved largely. Then, we can decide patients’ kidney damage is reversed successfully.

How Does Blood Pollution Therapy Treat Kidney Disease?

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What Are Effects of Blood Pollution Therapy to Treat Kidney Disease?

Compared with conventional simplex treatments, Blood Pollution Therapy is one comprehensive treatment and it has the following advantages.

1.Definite treating goals

This therapy focuses on firstly treating serious polluted blood for rebuilding patients’ physiological mechanism and blood circulation and secondly repairing damaged kidneys.

2.Flexible treatment plans

To guarantee the therapeutic effects of Blood Pollution Therapy, doctors observe changes of patients’ blood every day and modify the treatment plan timely.

3.Various treatment methods

During the treatments, methods of cleansing blood, activating blood, removing stasis and improving self-healing system are selected according to patients’ illness condition.

4.Sufficient clinical evidence

A lot of clinical experiences have proven this innovated treatment plan is effective and does help many kidney patients to get recovery.

5.High-level therapeutic effects

This systemic therapy can not only treat kidney disease from the root but also prevent the recurrence of various kidney diseases. This is the reason that more and more kidney patients prefer to come to China for accepting this treatment.

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Where is Blood Pollution Therapy Available?

Plasma exchange is one method that exchanges polluted blood plasma with healthy plasma. Then, the harmful substances in the blood can be removed out.

If patients have IgA Nephropathy, anti-glomerular basement membrane (GBM) disease, Lupus, vascular disease and FSGS, they can get a great improvement from plasma exchange.

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